about sea & beach glass

Sea glass is formed from glass shards tumbling naturally in the water over many decades. They wash ashore with the cycling tides.
But did you know there is a difference between sea glass and beach glass? Sea glass is tumbled in oceans of salt water and beach glass is created in fresh water lakes.

How rare are your findings after beach combing?

The chart below helps sea/ beach glass combers understand how rare your findings really are. Your whites, browns and greens are your common pick ups you will typically find one common color piece of glass every 3 times you pick up a shard, but if you ever pick up an orange or red shard make sure you hold on to those! Statistics say you will find one every 10,000 times you pick up a glass shard! They are extremely rare and are always a proud find! We often use our red or orange finds as a speciality pendant to showcase its beauty as a piece of jewelry.


What is the quality of your findings after beach combing?

Just how diamonds are graded based on the 4 Cs: color, carat, cut and clarity, sea and beach glass are graded as well. Sea glass and beach glass are graded by the color, the size, the shape it was broken into, and how long it was tumbled naturally in the water.